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Intensive English Program

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Applying for the IEP Online Courses and Workshops

Applying for IEP online courses and workshops is easy. You may complete the Online Application Form below. Click here for more detailed information about the online short courses and workshops.


    Online Short Course Application Form

    Instructions: complete the form below, selecting the course(s) you wish to take.
    After your application is received, you will receive an email with:
    1. Confirmation of your application
    2. Instructions to pay your $50 non-refundable deposit
    3. Instructions to pay the remainder of your course fee(s)
    4. Instructions for logging in to your selected course(s)

    Select your course(s):

    Reading Strategies for Test-Taking, 40 hours, $500
    This course focuses on the academic readings found in standardized tests (e.g., iBT TOEFL, IELTS) and test taking strategies needed for the reading portions of those types of tests.
    January 18-March 12

    Conversational English Skills, 40 hours, $500
    This course prepares students to improve the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.
    January 18-March 12

    Culture of the American South, 40 hours, $500
    This course is an integrated skills English course covering aspects of the American South that include history, music, folk art, literature, and lifestyles
    January 18-March 12

    Guided Conversational English, 20 hours, $300
    This course focuses on practicing conversational English during live virtual meetings.
    January 18-February 19

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    After submitting the application, we must receive your $50 Online Course deposit before we can process your registration to the selected online courses and/or workshops.

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