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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Fall Schedule 2023

Fall Semester & First Fall Session (4 Week)

The IEP follows the regular UM Academic Calendar for classes, but additional information regarding arrival, departure, orientation, and events are detailed in the calendar below.

Note:  Dates are subject to change due to the pandemic.  Please do not make flight arrangements until dates are finalized and confirmed with your admissions coordinator.


Date Day Event
July 1 Wednesday Priority Application Deadline (applications accepted any time, but this date ensures enough time for incoming students to apply for entry visas)
August 12 & 13 Saturday & Sunday Arrival Date for Fall Semester & First Fall Session
(free shuttles from the Memphis Airport on this day!)
August 15 – 18 Tues – Fri New IEP Student Orientation
August 18 Friday Placement testing
August 21 Monday Classes start
September 1 Friday Last day to add IE classes (must seek instructor approval after this date)
September 4 Monday Labor Day holiday (no class)
September 15 Friday Departure Date for First Fall Session
October 2 Monday Midterm grades due
October 16 Monday Arrival Date for Second Fall Session
(free shuttles from the Memphis Airport on this day!)
October 31 Tuesday Halloween (classes still in session)
November 20 – 24 Mon – Fri  Thanksgiving holiday (no class all week)
December 1 Friday  Classes end
December 4-8 Mon-Fri Final Examinations
December 9 Saturday Departure Date
(free shuttle to the Memphis Airport)
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