Intensive English Program

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Program Costs for Academic Year 2018 – 2019

The cost to attend the Intensive English Program is based on the length of each term, whether a Fall/Spring Semester, 2 Week, 4 Week, or 8 Week term. Tuition, housing, insurance, and estimated fees for each length of term are listed in the chart below, and you may click the term below to see the full schedule.

Fall Semester 2018, First Fall Session (4 Week), & Second Fall Session (8 Week)
Spring Semester 2019, First Spring Session (4 Week), & Second Spring Session (8 Week)
First Summer Session (4 Week) & Second Summer Session (4 Week)


Item Fall
*2 Week 4 Week 8 Week
     Tuition $4,750 $4,750 $1,200 $2,350 $3,000
     Campus Housing $3,070 $3,070 $370

$515 (Summer)

$700 (Fall & Spring)

     Health Insurance $970 $1,344 $75 $150 $300
**Estimated Fees (see below) $1,500 $1,500 $500 $700 $1,100
**Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $10,290 $10,664 $2,145 $3,715 (Summer)

$3,900 (Fall & Spring)


*The 2 Week cost is for Specialized Programs only. It is not regularly scheduled or available for general student enrollment.

**Additional Fees vary depending on student choices (e.g. optional meal plans), length of enrollment, and health requirements. The estimated additional fees in the chart above represent a typical new student choosing an average meal plan. The list below shows the common fees for IEP students. Please contact us at if you have any questions or to request a customized estimate of the cost of attendance for any program.

Additional Fees

Item Cost
OPTIONAL Meal Plan $0 to $2,000 depending on options and length of term
TB Screening Fee $171 (one-time)
IEP Application Fee $125 (one-time)
International Fee $100 (all Fall & Spring terms), $30 (each Summer term)
MMR Vaccination Fee $95+ (not required with qualifying proof of vaccinations)
Housing App. Fee $75 (all Fall & Spring terms), $15 (each Summer term)
Capital Improvement Fee $50 (all Fall & Spring terms), $25 (each Summer term)
Activity Fee $5 (each Fall, Spring, & Summer term)

Click here to view meal plan options. There are many different plans students may choose from, and campus housing also has kitchen spaces for students who wish to cook their own meals instead of buying a meal plan.

Notes on Fee Calculation

  • The cost of housing reflects the actual cost of on-campus housing at UM. While the IEP can help connect students to off-campus housing providers, we can only guarantee students housing on-campus, and those wishing to live off-campus must make their arrangements (usually including signing a lease agreement) directly with the housing provider.
  • The on-campus Housing Application Fee is not required in Spring if you pay it in Fall.
  • Spring Health Insurance automatically covers the entire Summer. Students continuing from the Spring Semester through the Summer sessions will not be charged for additional health insurance in the Summer.
  • Health insurance does not cover all health-related costs. Students may visit the Student Health Center free-of-charge, but they may be required to pay for prescriptions, tests, and other health services according to the terms of the insurance plan.
  • All fees are estimates based on current rates and are subject to change.
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