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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Alumni Referral Discount


Save $250 off tuition when you are referred by IEP alumni!


New, full-time IEP students who are referred to the IEP by a family member or friend who is an alumnus* of the IEP will receive $250 off tuition for Intensive English (IE) classes during their first session.


Only new, full-time IEP students or IEP alumni returning after an absence of at least 12 months can receive the discount, which is only valid when the alumni referral is verified. The discount is only valid for one semester. The new student MUST indicate that they heard about the IEP program from the alumnus on the original application, providing both the given and family name of the alumnus.


Funds are credited directly to the students’ tuition balances, and no money will be paid directly to students. Discounts must be used in the first semester that the new student is enrolled full-time. In addition, the total discount cannot exceed a student’s current tuition balance (fees excluded), nor can the discount be held to the next semester.


*Alumnus: someone who attended the IEP as a full-time student for at least one semester


Questions?  Email for more details.

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