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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

The Brenda Hales Honorary Tuition Reduction Scholarship


Receive 20% off of tuition each semester you’re enrolled in the IEP!


To honor the teaching career of Brenda Hales, a former Intensive English Program instructor, the Intensive English Program at the University of Mississippi is pleased to announce a 20% tuition-only scholarship to prospective and current IEP students. There are up to 4 Tuition Reduction Scholarships available each semester.


For over a decade, the teaching career of Brenda Hales enriched the learning experience of international students at the University of Mississippi. Both inside and outside of the classroom, she touched the lives of students young and old. As much as she has always welcomed international students to the hospitality of her own home, she also welcomed them into a learning environment in which they gained confidence and felt valued. Whether with her pilot’s license or her passport, Brenda Hales has always been an intrepid traveler who inspires her former students and colleagues as both a lifetime learner and as a true citizen of the world.


New and prospective full-time IEP students are eligible to apply for this scholarship, and the scholarship is only valid for the semester following it being awarded (e.g., awarded in summer and valid for fall). Students must apply each semester for the Tuition Reduction Scholarship, which can be awarded each semester as long as the student is taking full-time Intensive English (IE) classes.


The purpose of this scholarship is to assist prospective, new, and returning students with attending IEP courses. In order to be eligible to receive the Tuition Reduction Scholarship, applicants must be at least 18 years old or have graduated high school, meet regular admissions requirements to the IEP, and submit a complete application to the IEP for a semester-length intensive program (including the application fee).


After being awarded the scholarship, recipients must maintain eligibility by: arriving on the University of Mississippi campus no later than the first day of classes in the semester for which the scholarship was awarded, maintaining passing grades during studies in the IEP, and maintaining F1 status through full-time enrollment and regular attendance.


This scholarship is applicable to tuition only—no other expenses (e.g., housing, meals, fees) are covered by this scholarship. Funds are credited directly to the students’ tuition balances, and no money will be paid directly to students. In addition, total scholarships cannot exceed a student’s current balance (fees excluded), nor can the scholarship be held to the next semester.


Questions?  Email for more details.

Application Deadlines:

For Spring semester (January-May) award: November 1
For Fall semester (August-December) award: June 1


Apply Now!

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