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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Visiting Students

Students may attend the Intensive English Program (IEP) during any regular semester or short-term session as visiting students. While the Intensive Program is better suited for students who intend to enter a degree program at an American university, we allow Exchange students, students enrolled at other universities, currently-matriculated students, and any other independent ESL students an opportunity to improve their English through credit-bearing coursework at The University of Mississippi.

In Fall and Spring Semesters, visiting students may take courses that follow the UM Academic Calendar. Course options include: Speaking, Listening, & Pronunciation; Reading & World Cultures; Writing & Grammar; Extended Reading & Vocabulary; English for Academic Purposes; English in the Sciences; Business English; Literature Written in English; and English for International Students. Additional content-based courses include topics such as American Culture, Southern Culture, and Intercultural Communication. The course options and/or schedules for visiting students are based on English proficiency scores (such as TOEFL/IELTS) and/or placement testing.

In the Summer, visiting students may attend First Summer Session (4 week), Second Summer Session (4 weeks), or both consecutively (8 weeks). Summer sessions consists of content-based, integrated-skills courses that have been designed to meet student needs. All courses incorporate modern technologies that assist in language learning, and students have opportunities to work in a dedicated computer lab for ESL students.

For students visiting longer than one semester, progression from one level to the next is accomplished by fulfilling all curricular requirements and earning a minimum letter grade of C (average of all courses at that level). Students may attempt a level no more than three times.

For each course taken, students receive a letter grade determined by the UM standard grading system.



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