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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the IEP?

To apply to the IEP, you need to submit the following items:

  • A completed application
  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of sufficient funds (such as a bank statement showing a savings or general account balance enough to cover the estimated costs of study)
  • A non-refundable application fee of $125 for all semesters and sessions

How do I obtain a visa for study at the IEP?

Our admissions process takes approximately 2 weeks. Upon your acceptance to the program, we will send your required legal documents by 2-day priority mail for your visa interview. It is your responsibility to schedule an interview with your local US Embassy and to comply with any other requirements for a US student visa.

How do I travel to the University of Mississippi?

The IEP provides transportation from the Memphis International Airport. Transportation is free of charge upon arrival and departure from the program for all students on the Official Arrival/Departure Dates only. Students who choose to come through alternate locations or on alternate days are responsible for their own transportation to the University.

How do I make arrangements for housing?

The IEP provides on-campus housing for students wishing to book housing through our program. If you would rather live in other off-campus housing, we can assist you with arrangements if necessary.

What is the length of the program?

IEP classes run on the same calendar as the University of Mississippi: mid-August to mid-December, early January to early May, and summer during June and July. Specialized two-week, four-week, and eight- week programs during the semester can be arranged for groups of 10 students or more. Please contact us at for more information on customized programs.

What courses are offered?

Each level of instruction is designed to be completed in one semester and consists of courses in four core skill areas as well as content-based courses that have been designed to meet student needs. Students at each level of instruction are required to take courses in Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Additionally, students take two to three content courses. Content courses include, for example, courses in American Culture, Conversation, and Pronunciation. All courses incorporate modern technologies that assist in language learning, and students have access to the University’s Language Resource Center.

How is my English level determined?

Students’ levels are determined by a series of assessments administered before classes begin.

Do I receive university credit for my coursework?

Yes, you will receive 18-hours of non-degree university credit for full-time enrollment during the semester and 6-hours of credit during each 4-week session. Transfer of credit is dependent upon the rules of your institution.

How do I transfer to the IEP?

You should follow the usual application process. Additionally, you must complete a Transfer Eligibility Form. Please contact our office for this form if you wish to transfer to our program from another program.

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