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Intensive English Program
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Michael Raines

Dr. Michael Raines

Instructional Assistant Professor of Modern Languages & Intensive English

Michael Raines currently teaches courses in the Intensive English Program as well as courses in the TESL program in the Department of Modern Languages. Originally from Tupelo, MS, Michael has been teaching ESL for a long time. He first studied and taught in Mexico City for a number of years, and after that experience, returned to the United States to finish his Ph.D. in TESOL. After finishing his degree, he accepted a position at the University of Alabama for 4½ years, where he was responsible for two programs: ESL and foreign language education and was in charge of a federal grant. He taught additional intensive TESL classes overseas. After his tenure at the University of Alabama, Michael returned to Ole Miss and taught Spanish full-time and ESL part-time for seven years. This Fall 2010, he has joined the IEP and TESL programs full-time.

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