Intensive English Program

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Summer Programs

The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers 4-week summer programs of intensive English language instruction.  The number and level of courses taught will depend on student placement tests.

Each 4-week program consists of content-based, integrated-skills courses that have been designed to meet student needs. Students at each level of instruction (except for Advanced Plus) are required to take two courses: Topics in ESL and Topics in Intercultural Communication. All courses incorporate modern technologies that assist in language learning, and students have opportunities to work in a dedicated computer lab for ESL students.

Students who successfully complete two consecutive 4-week programs at one level may advance to the next level of instruction the following semester. Students who successfully complete two consecutive 4-week sessions in the Advanced Plus Level at the Advanced Plus level may matriculate into the University. Advancement is accomplished by fulfilling all course requirements (e.g. attendance, active in-class participation, and completion of graded assignments, quizzes, and tests) and by earning a sufficient score on the exit exam(s) at the end of each session. In order for a course to count towards advancement to the next instructional level, a student must receive a letter grade of C or higher and earn a sufficient score on the exit exam(s).

For each course taken, students receive a letter grade determined by the UM standard grading system.

For each 4-week session, IEP students receive 6 hours of UM credit for the successful completion of courses. IEP students may also participate in non-credit or short-term & customized programs.

English Placement Test

During orientation, all IEP students will complete a series of assessments that will evaluate their English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Assessments include an oral interview, a multiple-choice test, and a written essay. Results from these assessments will determine a student’s placement in the most appropriate level of instruction.

Length of Program

The IEP follows the UM Academic Calendar for 4-week Summer Sessions. Classes begin on the same day as regular academic classes for the University. Final exams are held the day after the last day of classes for each session. Students’ daily class schedules are determined after registration and are based on the creation of courses that best accommodate our students’ levels.

Course Descriptions

Topics in ESL

Topics vary. Focus on academic literacy, cross-cultural awareness, and global citizenship.


 Topics in Intercultural Communication

Topics vary. Focus on communicative practices, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.