Intensive English Program

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Teaching Writing to/and Non-Native English Speakers

Dr. Carol Severino
The University of Iowa

March 19, 2015

6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in Bryant Hall Lobby

This talk will cover the terminology, attitudes, principles, and strategies we need to know in order to work effectively with second language writers in courses that involve writing. We will discuss similarities and differences between international and resident bilingual second language writers; the attitudes of curiosity, empathy, and cultural and rhetorical relativity that we need to cultivate; the notions of proficiency, second language acquisition, positive and negative transfer, and academic literacy we need to know about; and the best practices in assigning, responding to, and evaluating second language writing that we need to implement.

Carol directs the Writing Center and the Writing Fellows Program and teaches courses that explore the relationships between writing, language background, culture, and pedagogy, also the focus of her research. She teaches both tutor preparation seminars: Teaching in a Writing Center (for graduate students preparing to tutor in the Writing Center) and Writing Theory and Practice (for new Writing Fellows).She teaches Topics in Second Language Acquisition: Writing for the FLARE Program as well as travel writing for the Honors First Year Seminar Program.She also tutors in the Writing Center every semester.Carol was a Collegiate Teaching Award winner in 2003 and a Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador in 2008.

Carol serves on the editorial boards of theJournal of Second Language WritingCenter Journalreviews for many other writing and language-related publications.Her essay “Engagement Ceremony” was chosen forThe Best Travel Writing, volume 9, 2012.Two of her favorite pieces were published inWriting on the Edge, one on her Ecuador Fulbright experience, and another on learning to write fiction in Spanish.Her recent writing center research study with Shih-Ni Prim on Chinese Writing Center Students’ Word-Choice Errors and Tutors’ Online Responses to Themis forthcoming inWriting Center Journal.She and Shih-Ni are currently working on a study of second language writing development.