Intensive English Program

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement


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Summer College for High School IEP

SCHS IEP offers academically gifted high school students the opportunity to…
• Study 2 academic intensive English courses for college credit.
• Get a real glimpse at what life on a US college campus is like.
• Discover what professors expect of students at the college level.
• Explore the academic possibilities for future studies.
• Learn to manage free time and study hours.
• Build leadership and team skills.
• Make new friends and contacts from around the world.

Who May Apply?

Students from any country who meet or exceed the following admissions criteria are eligible to apply:
• Are in good academic and conduct standing in their last two years of high school.
• Are between the ages of 15 and 18 years old.

What Type of Visa Do I Need?

Applicants must attend the program under an F1 student visa. After the application is approved, the candidate will receive via regular mail all the documentation needed to apply for a student visa at the United States Embassy in their home country. Students are not allowed to attend the program as tourists. If you have questions about the type of visa or any other question, please contact the SCHS International Admissions Counselor at

How Do I Apply?

The first step is to apply online. Once we receive your application, you will be sent an email with some additional forms. Applicants must return the completed forms and additional requested documentation to or via regular mail at:

Outreach and Continuing Education
Office of Pre-College Programs
University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677
The application process is not considered complete until the Summer College office receives the completed forms and all additional required documents.

How Am I Notified of Acceptance?

After the application process is completed, the student is notified via e-mail of acceptance. A welcome package will be mailed to the applicant’s home or educational institution containing the documents required to apply for an F1 student visa at the home country US Embassy.

Courses YOU can take at SCHS IEP

What are the classes offered?
Applicants are required to take two classes (6 hour/credits) to comply with visa regulations. Each class session lasts for approximately two hours every day.
The Intensive English Program offers several classes to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as to increase vocabulary and to learn English grammar. Classes are assigned based on results of a placement test administered on the first day of classes. Levels range from Beginning to Advanced. Students in the Advanced level can also chose to enroll in English for Specific Purposes classes; options may include Business English, English in the Sciences, or International Relations.

Important Dates

Application Deadlines

First Session (May 31 – June 29): April 1, 2016

Second Session (July 4 – August 2): April 15, 2016

Arrival and Departure Dates

First Session  Second Session
Arrival: May 29 or early May 30 Arrival: July 3
 Departure: June 29 or June 30  Departure: August 2 or August 3

Cost of the Program

Primary Costs:

 Deposit/ Application Fee  $100
 SCHS Program Fee  $1,329
 Housing  $460
 Meal Plan  $540
 X-Rays and TB Tests  $110
 Medical Insurance  $111
 Total Base Price  *$2,650

*Total base price must be paid a week prior to the beginning of the program.

Secondary Costs:

 Books (estimated) $200
 Weekend meals (estimated) $200

Total of all costs


Important Medical Information

Immunization Requirement:

Any student whose birthday is after January 1 1957 is required by law to submit proper documentation of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) prior to registration for University courses. Documentation must show that applicants have had the first injection AFTER the first birthday followed by a booster.
If the applicant received the first injection BEFORE the first birthday, this shot does not count towards the required doses; therefore, the student must get the vaccination in the home country prior to the program. If the additional injection is not taken prior to arrival, the student will be required to take an injection upon arrival in Oxford at the student’s own expense.

Insurance Coverage

All visiting international students are required to enroll in the University of Mississippi student insurance plan. This plan covers 80% of the cost of medical expenses and prescriptions on campus. The student is responsible for the remaining 20% of charges. We strongly recommend students additionally enroll in an insurance plan from the home country that covers major medical emergencies abroad.